Concert update: Sunday January 20th at 2PM Call for more information: 760-522-7187.Free

Concerts. All donations graciously excepted.

2019 Season: Dancing in the Dark: Saturday, January 19th at 7PM, For reserve seating please visit brownpaper tickets:

and Sunday January 20th at 2PM. At the White Box Theater, Liberty Station. In these concerts we will focus on the sense of moving through Darkness and pain into “The Light” and beauty. There will be the interpretation of Chorale Music through Dance. Choreographed by Emily Miller, Director of Performing Arts Workshop in  Encinitas. 

Life, Struggle and Transformation, Saturday March 30th, at 7:00PM and Sunday March 31st at 4PM. Through Poignant Choral music we explore the meaning of struggle and how it changes life. The crucible as a catalyst for lasting transformation. Music by Elder, Esenvalds, Raminch, etc  Free Admission. All donations excepted.

 American Music and the African Spirit, Saturday, June 8th at 7PM and Sunday, June 9th at 4PM.This will be an exploration of American Music and it’s many influences from the African culture. This includes the origins of the Spiritual and it’s place as a start of true World Music.Pieces such as: I Got Shoes, Motherless Child, Live a Humble and Ride The Chariot and Kuimba.

   The Roger Anderson Chorale is a unique organization created to bring powerful emotional vocal and instrumental  connections to all people.  We hope to provide a truly creative and transformative experience for both performers and listeners. 

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